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Automation Machinery Motion Control Components

Industrial Automation Machines cover the complete spectrum of industries, from medical and food processing to military hardware and assembly systems. These systems are designed to do things faster and with little or no labor input. To meet the ever-increasing demands for fast, consistent, and repeatable motion, you need motion control components designed to meet the high precision, high-speed, and high-performance needs of automation machinery.

High-Performance Solutions for Industrial Automation Machines

Zero-Max designs and manufactures robust, high-performance motion control components that have been trusted in automation machinery for over 70 years. Designed for precision and durability, our flexible shaft couplings, keyless shaft bushings, and power transmission products undergo application-specific testing to ensure each product meets your demands for performance, durability, and longevity. Versatile designs and high-quality materials, along with extensive customization options, make our products the perfect solution for industrial automation machinery.

Prevent Shaft Misalignment Issues and Improve Efficiency

Flexible Shaft Couplings compensate for shaft misalignment in automated machinery, helping you maximize performance and efficiency while minimizing equipment wear. All Zero-Max flexible shaft couplings have a zero-backlash design with high torsional stiffness for superior positioning accuracy. The flexibility of our couplings enhances the misalignment capacity without sacrificing torque and torsional stiffness capabilities.

CD Couplings

For the most demanding applications, the patented composite disc pack in these couplings offers versatility and enhanced performance in motion control applications involving repetitive stopping, reversing, and indexing. The CD® couplings account for misalignment, shock, vibration, and aggressive motion profiles.

Servoflex Couplings

Designed for servo motor applications, these couplings have low inertia to achieve higher acceleration and have high torsional stiffness for more precise positioning in Automation Machines. These Servoflex couplings are ideal for use in critical precision gearbox and linear actuator applications.

Reduce Vibration and Prevent Overload Damage

Automation Machines can operate at exceptionally high speeds. With those high speeds comes issues like vibration, noise, jam-ups, and excessive wear. We developed power transmission products for Automation Machines that deliver the performance you need and prevent system damage during jam-ups.

Torq-Tender Overload Safety Devices

Quick and reliable release prevents system damage when jam-ups or excessive loading occur. When a Torq-Tender® is used as a coupling these devices can function as both a flexible shaft coupling and mechanical torque limiter. Other configurations are available for chain/sprocket or belt/pulley drives requiring overload protection. This tamper-resistant design is self-resetting and can be configured to release at different torque ratings.

H-TLC Overload Safety Devices

Field-adjustable torque limiters that are inherently corrosion resistant for use in harsh operating environments. H-TLC® units can be configured for use as a coupling, or for power take-off applications involving a chain/sprocket or a belt/pulley arrangement. This overload device is self-resetting and prevents jam-ups, protecting the machine and the product being processed.

Crown Gear Drive

Right-Angle Gearboxes deliver a dependable and economical transfer of speed or direction. Spiral bevel gears operate smoothly to reduce noise and vibration at high speeds, are low backlash, and have enhanced torque capacity for high-speed industrial automation machines. IP65 nickel-plated units are also available from stock.

Custom Motion Control Components for Automation Machines

We offer hundreds of standard motion control products but recognize that some automation applications have specialized and unique requirements. Our customization capabilities include in-house design, testing, and production of custom motion control components.
The engineering team at Zero-Max offers full design assistance and has the experience and expertise to tackle any motion control challenge. Get your customized parts quickly and in any quantity, from just one piece to several thousand. Send us your application requirements, and we will design a custom motion control component to your exact specifications.

Trusted Solutions for High-Speed Motion Control Applications

Zero-Max motion control components help users increase output and profitability by improving the performance of your Automation Machines. Whether you need right-angle gear drives for your machine or servo-rated couplings for robotics applications, we have the solution you need.
Send us a message to discuss your automation machinery challenges. We are look forward to your contact.