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Printing Machines

Printing & Converting Industry Couplings

High speed registration is vital in printing and paper converting applications. Web and sheet-fed material must align perfectly for sharp print registration and high-quality laminating, die cutting, embossing, cut-to-length, and slitting operations. Zero-Max offers printing press and paper converting system designers a full range of motion control components to increase system speed while ensuring high quality product output.

Servo Motor Shaft Couplings Engineered for Accurate Registration

Zero-Max designs and manufactures high-performance servo motor shaft couplings and components for printing and converting equipment. Our precise and compact designs make installation easy and keep inertia low to allow higher acceleration and deceleration rates to maximize machine output. We build versatility into each product and use high-quality materials to provide couplings and power transmission products that last.

Achieve Higher Precision, Speed, and Accuracy

With increased use of servo motors in printing and converting machines, the high precision and robust design features of Zero-Max CD® Couplings and Servoflex® Couplings are a preferred choice. While printing and converting equipment designers recognize that there are many options for connecting a servo motor to a ball screw or other components, time and again, they choose the reliability and performance of Zero-Max’s zero-backlash, high performance shaft couplings.

Composite Disc Couplings

These high-performance servo motor and line-shaft CD couplings have a zero-backlash design, feature high misalignment capabilities, and handle high dynamic loads for accurate machine registration. The patented composite disc design is proven to outperform metal disc couplings.

Servoflex Couplings

These torsionally stiff Servoflex couplings with zero-backlash performance are designed to handle the demands of servo drives and deliver precise positioning for accurate machine registration.

Protect Printing and Converting Machines from Overload

Converting and printing machine components are prone to jam-ups and other issues caused by continuous, high-speed operation. Overload protection devices have quick-release features to help prevent system damage when torque loads exceed the preset limits.

Torq-Tender – Torque Limiters

Our bi-directional mechanical torque limiters provide fast, consistent, and dependable overload protection. Their tamper-proof design ensures the integrity of the torque setting is maintained after installation. The Torq-Tender® provide a wide range of torque settings and are durable, providing a long low-maintenance lifetime.

H-TLC Torque Limiters

Designed with unique features for corrosion protection and external torque adjustment, these overload safety devices give designers a wide set of parameters for solving motion control problems.

Other printing and converting component solutions we offer include Adjustable Speed Drives, Crown Right Angle Gear Drives, and Roh’Lix Linear Actuators which are designed for high performance and precise control.

Custom Servo Motor Coupling Capabilities

Modified and custom servo motor couplings from Zero-Max provide a solution for specialized and unique OEM applications. Our engineers help with each stage of the design process and have the application expertise needed to solve design challenges.

Submit your application requirements, and we will design custom servo motor couplings and components that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. Get your customized parts quickly and in any quantity, from just one piece to hundreds.

High Performance Converting and Printing Machine Components

Zero-Max manufactures standard, modified, and custom components for printing and converting machines. Designed and engineered to perform for the life of the machine, our high-quality, high-speed servo motor components deliver the perfect combination of precision and durability.

Contact us for more information on custom and modified components.