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Roh'Lix Linear Actuators

Rolling Helix – Motion Converter

High movement speed and simple assembly

By transforming rotary motion into linear motion, the Roh'Lix linear actuator offers a variety of innovative and unique product features. A total of five sizes are available with thrust forces ranging from 67 N to 889 N, with shaft diameters ranging from 8 mm to 50 mm. The split product design combined with radial mounting and dismounting capability allows for easy and efficient installation or dismounting. Integrated overload protection provides additional protection if the permissible preset feed force is exceeded. On both sides, the Roh`Lix includes three ball bearings each, which are positioned at a defined angle to the axis of the shaft. The rotational motion causes the shaft to move in a thread-like spiral motion, providing the feed. The linear travel per shaft revolution is defined based on the contact angle of the six ball bearings to the shaft and can be up to three times the pitch to the shaft diameter.

Product features:
• Shaft diameter from ø8 mm to ø 50 mm
• Thrust force from 67 Nm to 889 Nm
• Temperature range from -23 °C to 82 °C
• Specific leads from 0.625 mm to 150 mm possible
• Use in horizontal and vertical applications possible, tandem operation possible
• Efficiency at > 90%
• Maintenance-free operation and easy installation
• Integrated overload protection
• High life expectancy
• Lubricated-for-life bearings
• Can be used for horizontal and vertical applications

Common applications:
• Packaging machines
• Printing machines
• Material handling
• Semiconductor manufacturing
• Door opening applications
• Gantry robots
• Medical equipment