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Adjustable Drives

Mechanical gearbox for speed control

Simple and accurate

Undirectional drives
Undirectional drives

1,36 Nm – 22,6 Nm

Reversible Drives
Reversible Drives

1,36 Nm – 2,8 Nm

Seeder Drive
Seeder Drive

Up to 22,6 Nm

Adjustable speed drives enable simple and precise speed control. Speed adjustment is made by adjusting the hand lever, or optionally by control levers. Using an internal gear ratio, an input speed of up to 2000 rpm can be reduced to an output speed range of 0-400 rpm. Adjustable speed drives can be configured in different input and output rotation directions depending on requirements and application. Adjustable drives are also available with reversing shaft options on the output side. With over 1,000,000 drives sold, Zero-Max adjustable drives are among the most versatile and economical mechanical drives available.

  • Five sizes available in torque range from 1.36 Nm to 22.6 Nm
  • Transmission ratio 4 : 1
  • Input speed up to max. 2000 rpm possible
  • Output speed from 0-400 rpm
  • Shaft arrangement freely selectable
  • Infinitely variable speed adjustment possible