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Custom Shaft Couplings and Overhung Load Adaptors for Powertrains and Auxiliary Equipment

Specialty Industrial, Commercial, and Off-Highway Equipment, as well as other Mobile Applications are trending toward the use of Electrified Power to reduce emissions and noise. In place of traditional internal combustion engines, this electrification can present various new challenges connecting the electric powered components to the driven mechanical drivelines.

Zero-Max offers CD® Flexible Shaft Couplings and Overhung Load Adaptors (OHLA®) to interface with your equipment while handling the demanding loads, speeds and performance requirements for these applications. We have experience creating innovative, robust, highly durable solutions for many uses in these systems including fans, blowers, radiators, heat exchangers, augers, grinders, pumps and more. Our skilled engineers can help specify field-proven components or provide custom designs as needed to help transition your equipment to run off electrified power.

Learn more about our electrification component solutions below, Request a Quote, or Contact Us and let us design a custom solution for your most challenging requirements.

Zero-Max Offers Proven Components for Use in Electrification Processes

We offer a complete line of high-performance Flexible Shaft Couplings, Overhung Load Adaptors, and other power-transmission components that can interface with the electrification of equipment, as well as ServoFlex® Couplings for smaller motors, having smaller shaft sizes and lower torque requirements.

Composite Disc Couplings for Specialty Applications

Our Composite Disc Couplings provide a reliable connection between motors and any driven shaft such as a gearbox. CD Composite Disc Flexible Shaft Couplings from Zero-Max offer zero-backlash, high misalignment and vibration capacity, and durability, making them a robust solution in this challenging environment. They are available in Single-Flex, Double-Flex and Floating Shaft models. We also offer custom coupling solutions to overcome dimensional challenges and to maximize output and performance in any motion control or power transmission application.

CD Coupling Advantages

  • 3-times the angular misalignment of most metal disc models
  • Operational temperature range of -70° to 250°F (-57° to 121°C)
  • High torsional stiffness for high-accuracy operation
  • Black oxide coatings on steel hubs and black anodizing on aluminum hubs for general environment protection
  • Stainless Steel or other plating/coatings available for challenging environments
  • Longer life than metal disc couplings
  • Easy installation and maintenance-free operation
  • RoHS Compliant

Overhung Load Adaptors for Electrification

OHLAs help prevent breakdowns and extend the lifespan of mobile equipment systems. Our OHLAs can provide support for radial and axial loads otherwise subjected on motors while also providing a contamination barrier to seal out dirt, debris, water, and other contaminants. Zero-Max’s Overhung Load Adaptors can easily interface with SAE mount motors as well as non-SAE electric motors, including NEMA motors.

Overhung Load Adaptor Features

OHLAs are ideal for providing secure and reliable mounting while removing system loads from motors to maximize system lifespan. Features include but are not limited to:

  • A, B, C, D, E and F SAE mount options and non-SAE mount options
  • Attractively painted, rugged cast iron housings
  • 130,000 PSI stress-proof steel shafts
  • Heat-treated steel shaft options
  • Variety of bearing and shaft options
  • Extensive Custom options, available for any quantity from single piece to thousands

Electrification For Multiple Industries

OHLA equipment is designed and engineered to protect motors and pumps by absorbing the radial and axial loads common in demanding applications using belts, fan drives and more. Composite Disc Couplings can be effective for general applications involving repetitive speed changes, stopping, reversing, indexing, vibration, and misalignment, without sacrificing performance.

Frequent industries served include:

  •  Agriculture
  • Materials Handling
  • Forestry
  • Rail Maintenance
  • Mining
  • Mobile Hydraulic Systems

Custom Electrification Solutions

For whatever power conversion you need, new or retro-fit designs, we have a solution. Our team of engineers can work with you on your application needs to maximize the performance and efficiency of your current system. Custom mounting solutions are also available. We offer material and plating options for environments subject to chemicals and other hazardous chemicals. Our components can fit small motors to large motors at low to high speeds.

Solve Your Electrification Challenges with Zero-Max

ContactZero-Max is the leader in Composite Disc Coupling technology. Browse the product categories above to find your ideal CD Coupling or view our product catalogs for a comprehensive overview of all product specifications and options. We are looking forward hearing from you.