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Wind Turbine Products

Couplings and overload protection for wind turbines

Powerful and durable

CD Couplings for Wind Turbines
CD Couplings for Wind Turbines

Robust and easy to assemble

Overload Protection for Wind Turbines
Overload Protection for Wind Turbines

Protects generator and gearbox

Wind turbine couplings and torque limiters from Zero-Max are characterized by their innovative and patented disc packs. Field-proven wind turbine couplings are designed for maximum power and performance. Couplings and torque limiters are designed to withstand adverse conditions such as extreme climatic conditions, or high technical requirements for torque, shaft misalignment or load changes. Zero-Max offers an ideal solution with its reliable and robust design, and impresses with maintenance-free operation and excellent operating characteristics.

  • Couplings and torque limiters available for many turbines
  • Stock of popular models for high availability
  • Low component weight
  • Easy installation
  • Long service life due to maintenance-free operation
  • Field-proven in durable and reliable operation