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Torq-Tender Type JF

Torq-Tender Typ JF

For applications with limited or reduced shaft length, the JF design is ideal for mounting machine elements (sprockets, pulleys) on the face side. Positioning at a short distance from the bearing reduces the overhung load that occurs and increases the service life. A total of six model sizes are available for the JF shaft end design. Versions with actuating pin (JFP) and actuating disc (JFD) are optionally available.

Designed for short shaft connections and face mounting
Operating speeds up to 2000 rpm
Nominal torque range 0.3 to 339 Nm
Bore range from ø6 mm to ø45 mm
Temperature range from -40 C° to 93 °C
Compensation of shaft misalignments

When downloading CAD files, you will be redirected to the Zero-Max website in the USA.