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CD Coupling Single Flex 6A-C-SS

Single Flex 6A-C-SS Stainless Steel

The stainless and backlash-free Single Flex 6A-C-SS design of the composite disc coupling offers optimum protection in corrosive application areas.  The use of high quality stainless steel of all coupling components, coupled with the high resistance of the disc pack to aggressive chemicals, allow it to be used even in the most difficult conditions. Common applications include packaging machinery, food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

Stainless steel clamping ring design for high torsional stiffness
Compensation of high shaft misalignments possible
Electrically insulating and high chemical resistance
Temperature range from -57 °C – 121 °C
Nominal torque range from 90 to 402 Nm
Long service life

When downloading CAD files, you will be redirected to the Zero-Max website in the USA.