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CD Coupling Single Flex 6A-C

Single Flex 6A-C Steel

The Single Flex 6A-C version of the backlash-free composite disc coupling enables the compensation of very high shaft misalignments in axial and angular direction. The compact design of the single cardanic version with clamping ring connection offers a high reliability and performance level. The disc pack design allows high shock load capacity and is ideal for reversing operation.

Steel hubs and clamping ring in a compact design
High torsional stiffness
Electrically insulating and high chemical resistance
Temperature range from -57 °C – 121 °C
Nominal torque range from 20 to 1,164 Nm
Maintenance-free operation with easy installation and replacementation

When downloading CAD files, you will be redirected to the Zero-Max website in the USA.