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Torque Limiter H-TLC A Clean Thing!

Torque Limiter H-TLC – A Clean Thing!

Zero-Max Torque Limiter H-TLC – A Clean Thing!

In general torque limiters, often also referred as safety couplings, prevent further power transmission if the preset disengagement torque is exceeded. The Zero-Max H-TLC is an ideal choice especially for cleaning applications, or applications without heat transfer to the application environment. The materials used make the overload coupling resistant to moisture, corrosion, salts, or even mild acids.

In its standard composite form, the H-TLC torque limiter is corrosion resistant and can even be operated submerged in oil. Completely stainless versions ( parts, springs), or variants for use in the food industry (lubrication) can be offered as an option.

Product features:
– Operating speeds up to 2000 rpm possible
– High chemical resistance, use in oil possible
– Nominal torque range 0.5 to 56.5 Nm
– Bore range from ø8 mm to ø30 mm
– Temperature range from -40 °C to 82 °C
– Compensation of shaft misalignments possible