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Roh'Lix The innovative solution

Roh’Lix – The innovative solution

Roh'Lix - The innovative solution

Small, compact - good!

What characterizes a Zero-Max Roh’Lix compared to classic ball screws, or what characterizes the Rohl`Lix linear actuator in general? In principle, the operation of the Roh’Lix is based on the frictional contact between the bearings used and the shaft. The rolling path along the shaft follows a helix, therefore the name Roh`lix for “Rolling Helix”.

The design is based on a split housing block, which offers easy radial mounting and dismounting. The actuator’s solution concept allows adjustable overload protection by adjusting screws. If the maximum allowed force is exceeded, the linear actuator slips and protects other components from damage.

What specifically are the advantages compared to ballscrews?

• Integrated overload protection (no additional torque limiters required)
• High lifetime expectancy
• Highspeed operation up to 1750 mm / second possible
• No additional lubrication necessary
• High serviceability
• Low sensitive to contamination and pollution
• Maintenance-free operation
• High degree of customization possible (lead, counterclockwise rotation)

What does the Roh`Lix linear actuator offer in general?

• High efficiency level with > 90%
• Thrust from 67 Nm to 889 Nm
• Easy assembly and disassembly
• Up to 2,500,000 meters of linear travel possible under ideal conditions
• Quick Disconnect feature available
• Tandem operation possible
• Use in vertical and horizontal applications possible
• Stainless steel versions available
• Use in food applications and clean rooms possible
• Temperature range -23°C to 82°C possible
• Specific pitches from 0.625 mm to 150 mm possible
• Shaft diameters from ø8 mm to ø 50 mm
• and much more

Common applications:

• Door opening applications
• Packaging machines
• Semiconductor manufacturing
• Gantry robots
• Material handling
• Printing machines
• Inspection and test equipment
• Transfer tables
• Adjustable web guides
• Parts feeding
• X-Y – Tables

In which applications do Zero-Max Roh'Lix offer a real alternative?

In particular, applications that require smooth operation can benefit from Roh`Lix linear actuators. Roh`Lix do not exhibit a “stick / slip” effect that often occurs in ball screws. A “stick / slip” effect is the phenomenon when the static friction is much higher than the sliding friction.

Further, pneumatic and hydraulic applications can benefit where fluctuating pressure conditions are expected. The Zero-Max actuator has proven to be particularly effective for applications requiring high linear travel speeds. The ability to adjust the slope allows for the highest travel speeds.