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CD Coupling Double Flex 6P

Double Flex 6P Steel

The Double Flex 6P backlash-free version of the backlash-free composite disc coupling in double-cardanic design enables the compensation of very high shaft misalignments in axial and parallel alignment. As standard, the classic Double Flex 6P set screw design can be configured up to a bore diameter of ø 152 mm and a nominal torque of 5,333 Nm.  The compact design enables the transmission of high torques in the tightest installation space.

Compact double-cardanic design in steel version
Compensation of large shaft misalignments (especially parallel and axial misalignment)
Very low reaction forces
High torsional stiffness
Temperature range from -57 °C – 121 °C
Nominal torque range from 20 to 5,333 Nm

When downloading CAD files, you will be redirected to the Zero-Max website in the USA.