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CD Coupling Double Flex 6P-A1C

Double Flex 6P-A1C Aluminum

The Double Flex 6P-A1C double-cardanic version of the backlash-free composite disc coupling allows compensation of very high axial and parallel misalignments. The compact aluminum clamping hub design of the double cardanic version offers very low inertia and weight. The innovative design of the spring pack guarantees high torsional stiffness with long service life in continuous operation. The 6P-A1C clamping hub design enables use in applications with high requirements for misalignment compensation, low reaction loads and high torsional stiffness.

Compact aluminum hub design in double-cardanic style
Compensation of large shaft misalignments (especially parallel and axial misalignment)
Very low reaction forces
Electrically insulating and high chemical resistance
Temperature range from -57 °C – 121 °C
Nominal torque range from 20 to 282 Nm

When downloading CAD files, you will be redirected to the Zero-Max website in the USA.