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Application Story

Application Story

CD Coupling – Everything is possible

True to the motto: “No application is too special to find the right solution!“

Connected drive components in a fibre composite processing system needed additional parallel misalignment capabilities to prevent premature bearing failure and oil leaks. Zero-Max solved this problem by developing a custom, shortened Double Flex CD® coupling.

The original design of the machine specified a flexible steel disc pack coupling. In operation, the steel disc pack coupling did not allow sufficient parallel misalignment to protect the connected components from excessive load and abrasion. This situation resulted in component failure, causing downtime that cost time and money to get the machine back into operation.

A shorter version of our Double Flex CD® coupling (Model 6P60C) was developed to provide the required misalignment capacity in the limited space available. The custom CD couplings featured composite disc packs that provide additional misalignment capabilities while better compensating for reaction loads in the limited operating space than steel disc pack couplings.


  • Peak torque of 1,430 newton meters.
  • A torsionally stiff design that can operate at speeds up to 4,400 rpm, exceeding system performance requirements by far.
  • Very low reaction loads on the shaft bearings.
  • Up to 3 degrees of angular misalignment while maintaining 1.8 mm parallel and 6.6 mm axial misalignment.
  • Use of aluminum hubs to minimize inertia.

Custom CD couplings from Zero-Max help you solve common and unique challenges.